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Sunday, 25 March 2018

call of duty 2 High Compress PC Game [21MB] | high-compress

Call Of Duty 2 Pc Game High-Compress[21.1MB]

Call of Duty  Modern Warfare 2 revolves around quick shootout against enemy fighters. The player controls a soldier who can do many things including jumping, sprinting, crouching, bending forward and aiming for his weapon's iron spots. When the player strikes an enemy, the blood will show his head-up performance, indicating that he has been damaged. If the player avoids the shots while taking cover, then his health will recover. The HUD also displays other information, such as the compass, a mini-map, and current ammunition of the player's ammunition. The game includes classic weapons including rifle, shotgun, handgun and sniper rifle. The player will receive specific weapons at the beginning of each level but will be able to exchange them with the other weapons found. Some guns have attachments, such as a suppressor and beating sensor. The player can use grenades and flashbangs against a large group of enemies, as well as can use a knife to compete closely. At some levels, the player will get special equipment, such as Night Vision Goggles or a Laser Designer.Players can compete in multiplayer mode
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 offers three different game modes: Campaigns, Fantasy Ops, and Multiplayer The campaign is a single player mode where the player completes eighteen levels associated with the global scenario. To complete each level there is a series of objectives, and the player often changes the character between the levels. If the player dies during a level, then he will be seen again at the last control point. The level can be played on any of the four difficulties, and at the end, each level can be repeated again. Special Ops mode includes twenty-three additional levels which can be played individually or in collaboration with the partner. These levels offer specific challenges, such as the expulsion of three bombs in a short span of time. If a player is shot while playing cooperatively, then he starts crawling and can kill his enemies with a handcuff. If they are not restored by another player, they will die and fail at the level. There are five levels of spec ops, each level is harder than the previous one. From the beginning, only the first level is available, later levels can be unlocked with enough stars. The player receives stars by completing the levels on one of the three difficulties, the number of stars obtained according to the difficulty selected.

Multiplayer mode allows players to compete in team-based game types and death games based on different cards. Each type of game has a goal for which unique strategies are required. If the player dies without killing three or more players in one line, they get a "fatal set", which gives the player a strategic advantage during a match. These include a Predator missile, a watchdog and a "nuclear weapon". Alternatively, if the player dies many times without killing, then he will be rewarded with the "Deathstrack" bonus, which will match the match for the player. A match ends when a team or player reaches a predefined number or the allotted time ends, in which case the team or player wins the most points. After player's multiplayer performance, there are experience points, which can be earned by killing opponents, by completing goals or by completing a match. As the player gets the experience, he continues the level, releasing new weapons. Player will also unlock benefits, which modify game elements like unlimited sprint and enlarged ball damages.

System Requirements 

  • OS: Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7.
  • Processor: Intel® Core 2 Duo E6600 or AMD Phenom X38750 processor or better.
  • Memory: 16 GB free hard drive space / 2GB RAM.
  • Video Card: Shader 3.0 or better 256 MB NVIDIA GeForce 8600GT or better.
  • Sound Card: DirectX® 9.0C or later.



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