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Saturday, 1 September 2018

Need For Speed Most Wanted Highly Compressed Only 340MB


NFS is the most wanted like other Need for Speed Games, where the player selects a car and races against the deadline or other races to reach a destination. The pursuit of police has once again been integrated into some racing sessions, in which the police employs vehicles and moves to stop the car's car and arrest the player, such as Speed III requirement: Hot Purse and Speed Need: Hot Part 2. 2. Controlling fast cars in the form of players and increasingly rely on the speed of nitrous oxide, the oxide meter is now undergraduate The first automatically refill since its launch in Nd, and driving order becomes Burnout series of fast-paced and intense. The game offers players with three game modes. Quick Race mode allows the player to select a car and an event and start racing immediately. Available car and events are unlocked because the player moves through the story in career mode. During the police efforts, "milestones" were dubbed, to win the race and achieve goals to fulfill the goals, as well as moving forward in the story and race against any 15 blacklist racer in the mode. Requires a minimum bounty. In the Xbox 360 version, the player is awarded achievements every time a blacklist opponent is defeated. The game offers players with three game modes. Quick Race mode allows the player to select a car and an event and walk immediately. Available cars and events are unlocked because the player moves through the story in the race mode. By winning the race and reaching the target by completing an action, the minimum rewards are necessary for naming the "milestones" during the police chase, as well as furthering the story and competing against any of the 15 runners on the blacklist.

Mode In the Xbox 360 version, the player gets all the achievements by defeating a Black List opponent. Race mode introduces a new feature: after defeating the opponent in question, the ability to win the blacklist opponent's car, bonus features, extra money or car decoration and decoration. These come in the form of six markers: the rival's pink slip, two bonus feature markers, and three personal background party markers, one of which is part of the body, visual enhancement and a performance marker that the player can choose, in which From the player selects only two. New cars and parts are also unlocked with the player's progress in race mode by defeating blacklist runners. In addition to the quick race and race mode, there is a "Challenge Series" mode that includes 69 progressively difficult challenges where players have to face challenges like successfully completing tollbooth race and tag many police cars. Pre-tuned cars used in each challenge are fixed, from which the normal race cars to the bad vehicles have to be moved, such as a dump truck or police car. Additional bonus cars can be unlocked when the player moves through Challenge mode. There is also a trick in Challenge mode; When entering the word 'barkarking', or at the beginning of the game, for a console pressing a certain code on the D-pad, the player can take advantage of Burger King's special challenge. Once successfully completed, the game will reward you with something like "junkman" parts. You can equip these parts for your vehicles in the "My Cars" menu to provide additional performance for your car. These parts are not available in "Career Mode".In reference to the actual race variations, Most Wanted has inherited many racing modes, which are predominant in their underground predecessors. Four current modes of play: Circuit racing, sprint point-to-point racing, lap knockout racing and drag racing, virtually unchanged by the first repetition of the Underground, while drifting, Street X, underground racing league and Out racing tournament. 

went. Meanwhile, Most Wanted watches the introduction of two new racing variations, which emphasize speed. The first mode is known as a toll booth, where a player runs only on the specified control points with a point-to-point route, prematurely eliminates; On reaching a toll booth, a player has to reach the next one, as long as the player has time. The second mode, called SpeedTrap, sees runners competing with each other to get the highest accumulated speed record in many traffic cameras. In Speed ​​Trap / Traffic Camera, players sharpen their car to target the highest possible speed. Accumulated speed decreases after an opponent cross the finish line first.

For the first time in the series, after the Hot Pursuit, the most sought-after features are followed in the game. In career mode, police pursuit may occur during a race or during free roaming in the city, depending on the frequency of police units in the area. And the traffic crime players have done it. The player can immediately follow the safe start or game menu by selecting an incomplete milestone or reward challenge. Chase can be started by selecting an appropriate challenge in the Challenge Series mode. Traffic offenses committed by the player are known as game infractions. These include fast speed, high speed, careless driving, road closures, property damage, hitting and running, locking up a police unit and opposing arrest.The system is much more complicated than its avatars of previous hot movements. The way the police handle a player is now determined by the "Heat level" of the player's current car. The level of heat, which increases with the amount of damage to the player during the police search and search, adds a twist to the pursuit. The higher the heat level of the car, the more aggressive it is for the player, additional strategies and equipment, such as obstacles, spiked strips, police helicopters and heavy and fast police cars, such as SUVs. police and federal units employed.

In career mode, the game is integrated in such a way that it is necessary to follow it in order to challenge the blacklist runner. The player must complete the milestone in which at least the traffic infraction or the duration of the harassment involves a specific amount, and when collecting the amount of the reward, a form of credit is deposited, because the player is obliged to expel the police or the police Continue to damage the units. The automobile's heat can be reduced by changing the color of body parts or paint, or by using another automobile purchased with lower heat levels to run on the roads. If the player is not using the car, his temperature level gradually decreases with time. Reports such as rap sheets, player violations, cost to the state, deployment strategy and duration of the search are also available to view in a police record. Players have many additional features that are useful during the chase. The Speed-breaker provided within the driving interface reduces the speed of the bullet time, while adding weight to the player's car, it becomes more difficult to press for other vehicles and produces a downstream. This allows the player to remove the car from the most difficult conditions for a limited time or evaluate the escape route through roadblocks or barbed-wire blocking. Another feature of the most wanted is a rounded switch, objects on the road that a player uses to support his car or chase police cars to damage it. In one example, if a player passes through a service station, the roof of the station crushes the potential police units after them. The chase in the game is divided into two main parts. The first part, which is the actual search itself, occurs when the police actively pursue the player. The second part, known as the "cooling" mode, occurs when the police have lost sight of the player and are looking for him. During this period of time, the chase and its associated timer are temporarily interrupted and a color bar is enabled, which will gradually fill up over time. After being completely filled, again and again, the player is considered to avoid chasing successfully. On the contrary, if a police unit sees the player, the search begins again. To avoid the chase, it is necessary to enter the Koldun mode first. It is achieved by the police at a distance or disables the police units. Column points, such areas of the world, that are not commonly seen by road or helicopter, can be used to hide the player with help and assistance. If the player finds and hides a hiding place, he will spend a lot of time in Downtown mode.

Multiplayer :

An online race and compete in 4 game modes including Circuit, Sprint, Knockout and Speed ​​Trap. In addition, there is the option to enable display tuning in the online race. When performance matching is enabled, all the cars in the race are automatically updated to match the performance of the fastest car in that special race. However, as soon as the race is finished, due to the combination of the performance, all the amendments made for cars have ended. However, the online multiplayer lobby closed on August 1, 2011.

System Requirements :

  • CPU: Pentium 4 or Athlon XP
  • CPU SPEED: 1.4 GHz
  • RAM: 256 MB
  • OS: Windows 2000/XP
  • VIDEO CARD: 32 MB DirectX 9.0c compatible 3D video card 
  • CD-ROM: 8X Speed CD/DVD-ROM 



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