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Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Need for Speed World PC Game high compressed

Need for Speed World  Highly Compressed

Need for Speed: The Need for Racing Video Game Published by Electronic Arts was the fifteenth world of motion franchise. It was developed by EA Black Box and EA Singapore. This was the first major multiplayer freemium online racing game, which was required in the Speed Series and was available in Microsoft Windows. The world was launched on July 27, 2010 worldwide. However, people who ordered the "starter pack" had the initial "lead" in the game, which started on July 20, 2010.


The World focused on 2005's NFS Most Wanted and the 2006 gameplay of Carbon on illegal street racing, tuning and police chase, and added some elements in  The world was founded in a fictional city, which added Most Wanted from Carbon and Rockport of Lamont into its map design, in which the redesigned graphics and new locations were added to the map to add two cities. More than 100 licensed cars were included in this game, including tuners, muscle cars, exotics, race cars, and SUVs. Alfa Romeo was manufacturing up to Volkswagen and there were more than thirty manufacturers in the game. By September 8, 2010, after reaching Level 10 and reaching only the first tier and few seconds tier cars, the player will not be able to move forward. The game will not struggle to earn any more experience points or cash. In order to continue the game, the player had to buy "Starter Pack". Without it, the player was allowed to play the game till or until he wanted it, but they would stop earning the experience and cash. On September 8, 2010, the world passed one million registrations. To celebrate this, the game was completely made free-to-play and the level cap was removed.

In the initial version 4, the performance of the car can be improved through the road or a professional upgrade kit according to the car. Some cars had street upgrade kits in the form of a single option, and at that time the BMW M3 GTR had no upgrade kit in the fastest car in the game. The game also had "driver skills," 3 of which directly improved performance and were applied to any car that had a player. A player can open abilities according to the level and a player can choose between 49 of the 81 probable abilities. Once a skill was selected, it could not be undone, and players would have to start with a new controller or account to choose a different set and then regain the level. In November 2010, with update 5, the update kits were eliminated and the screen pieces were changed; Each car had its own set of parts. In May 2012, the "driver's skill" was removed from the game and replaced with the skill mode, each car has its own set of skill modes. There were no performance skills modes to change acceleration, handling, and maximum speed abilities, so the cars are getting slower. Lower-rated parts or skill modes can be purchased for free using the game's "cache" for free, but high-class parts or skill modes can only be won by chance from the pack of cards, either "luck" "Can be rewarded at the end of the packet of cards Any game or packet of cards bought with real money, becomes a micro transport coin, called" speed boost ".

System Requirements

  • CPU: Intel Celeron 2.0 and 2.1 GHz Intel Gore 2 by X2 4000+ or higher
  • CPU Speed: 2.1GHz Intel Core 2 Intel Celeron 2.0 or higher, or in Microsoft X2 4000+
  • 2 MB RAM
  • OS; Service Pack 3 Windows XP / Windows Vista Service Pack 2 / Windows 7
  • Video Card: 512 DirectX 9.0 compatible. Support at least 2.0 Sadar Model
  • DirectX Version: DirectX version 9.0c
  • Sound card, so
  • Disc-free space, which is 4 GB of space is required to install the game



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