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Thursday, 4 October 2018

GTA SanAndreas high compressed apk + obb in 200MB

GTA SAN ANDREAS high compressed apk + obb in 200MB 

high-compressed GTA san Andreas

GTA San Andreas is an action and adventure game with role plays and stealth elements. Structured in the same way as the previous two games in the series, the basic game includes elements of a third-person shooter and a driving game, providing the player with an open environment in which to move. On foot, the player's character is able to walk, run, run, swim, climb and jump, as well as using weapons and various forms of melee combat. The player can drive a variety of vehicles, including cars, buses, semi-finals, boats, planes, helicopters, trains, tanks, motorcycles and bicycles. The player can also import vehicles in addition to stealing them. The open, non-linear environment allows the player to explore and choose the way he wants to play the game. Although story missions are needed to advance the game and unlock certain cities and content, they do are not, because the player can complete them at his own pace. When not embarking on a combat mission, the player may wander freely through the cities of San Andreas, eat at restaurants or wreak havoc by attacking people and causing destruction. The creation of havoc can attract the undesirable and potentially fatal attention of the authorities. The greater the chaos caused, the stronger the reaction: the police will handle the "minor" offenses, while the SWAT teams, the FBI and the army will react to higher search levels. The player may participate in a variety of optional side quests that may increase his character's attributes or provide another source of income. The traditional side quests of previous games are included, such as leaving taxi passengers, extinguishing fires, bringing wounded to hospital and fighting crime as vigilantes. New additions include flight missions, purchase missions, truck, and train handling missions that require the player to deliver on time, and management/pilot/navigation/cycling schools, which help the player acquire the skills and techniques to be used in the corresponding vehicles. All slots are not open to the player at the beginning of the game. 

high-compressed gta sanandres

high-compressed GTA san Andreas
Some places, such as modern garages, restaurants, gyms, and shops, are only available after certain missions. If the player traveled to blocked locations early in the game, it would attract the attention of police-controlled SWAT teams, police and Hydras if they were on a plane. Unlike Grand Theft Auto III and Vice City, which had to load screens when the player moved between different parts of the city, San Andreas has no load time when the player is in transit. The game's only loading screens are designed for cut scenes and interiors. The camera, combat, and orientation controls have been modified to incorporate the concepts of another Rockstar game, Manhunt, which includes several hidden elements, as well as an improvement in the target's point of aim and a target health indicator. goes from green to red depending on health. of the target. The PC version of the game implements the chords of the mouse; The player must hold down the right mouse button to activate the crosshair, then click or hold down the left mouse button to shoot or use an object, such as a camera. The player has a shootout with members of an enemy gang. In addition, players can swim and climb the walls for the first time in the series. The ability to swim and dive underwater also has a significant effect on the player because water is no longer an insurmountable barrier that kills the player. For greater firepower, the player may also use guns or shots with multiple gang members who can be recruited to follow the player. Due to the size of San Andreas, a grid of reference points can be established on the HUD map, which helps the player to reach a destination.



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