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Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Evil Dead Highly Compressed Pc Game ||

Evil Dead Highly Compressed Pc Game

The game Evil Dead Regeneration consists mainly of hacking and trimming with small hand-placed puzzles. The player takes the role of Ash Williams while fighting hordes of Deadites in the game The Evil Dead: Regeneration. The player will notice different types of weapons in levels that will notice their use in several things. Before time in the game, Ash receives his friend, the World Health Organization, SAM, along with him in the battle in Evil Dead: Regeneration. In contrast to the alternative games, where killing a devotee in the game is a taboo at best, SAM dies amusingly again and again within the game The Evil Dead: Regeneration. The player will kick SAM in the openings to open doors or enemies to take off their heads. The player can possess SAM to induce through small openings; The goal is to open a door or a switch. Sometimes, SAM is controlled by the PC and destroys the adversaries while not helping in the game The Evil Dead: Regeneration. In general, enemies would like a 'final move'  to destroy them completely. If you love playing horror games, this is for you, download the game The Evil Dead Regeneration.


The game begins at Sunny Meadows, to which Ash is committed. His lawyer, Sally, briefly visits Ash. He mentions how he found Professor Knowby's diary and believes in Ash's story about the Necronomicon and the cockpit. Ash thanks Sally for her efforts and flirts clumsily with her. Just after Sally's departure, Reinhard accidentally releases the dead through the Necronomicon. Evil also frees Ash in the process. Ash crosses the asylum and kills a pistol that he has recovered from a dead security guard. Finally find your clothes, your pole and your chainsaw. Passing through the asylum, Ash finds an electric death named Sparky. Ash kills Sparky and decapitates him. Ash briefly breaks the fourth wall, tells us that "Ash is back in business" and throws Sparky's head. The ashes come from the neighboring cellar. However, while he is about to leave the asylum, Professor Knowby's mind appears to Ash, telling him that Reinhard's plan requires the closure of several portals and the way Sally might keep his diary. Ash joins a diminutive victim of Reinhard, a half-dead man named Sam who can come back from any death. His condition gives him many mystical abilities.Ash and Sam cross a cemetery and eventually find a gate in the nearby catacombs. However, keeping the portal is a big dead queen. Ash kills the queen with the help of Sam and Sam closes the portal.

 The evil spirit of the queen enters Ash and turns him briefly into a dead man. However, for some reason, Ash can now control when he can become "Ash of Evil".Ash and Sam walk in the woods surrounding Sunny Meadows to discover that it is also infested with dead people. Ash finds a spear gun in a pile of garbage and modifies it in his right hand. Ash and Sam, with the help of their speargun, go to an abandoned mine where they find another gate. However, as soon as they get there, a spirit has a minor. Ash and Sam kill the dead miner and close the gate. Professor Knowby tells them that Reinhard finally has his diary and that he needs a human sacrifice. Ash believes that Sally is the one he intends to sacrifice. Ash and Sam follow a mine shaft to the neighboring docks where another gate is thought to be located. Ash goes to another pile of garbage and finds a powerful torpedo gun. The duo destroys a fish creature guarding the dock gate. Ash and Sam make their way through a swamp, where they find a hut filled with flammable materials and create a flamethrower. Ash and Sam head through the swamp to a nearby town called Port Turnham, infested with Deadites. They cross the destroyed city and, at the same time, Ash replaces his chainsaw with a new one with a titanium blade. Ash and Sam find a portal in a neighboring courthouse. However, Sam succumbs to fatigue and yawns while pronouncing the spell. The portal, instead of closing, fears both. Once inside the portal, Ash and Sam find themselves in an internal dimension. Professor Knowby seems to be telling them that the only solution is to defeat Reinhard and save Sally. However, he begins to talk about how Ash must save the world in which he gets very angry and says he only wants to save Sally and maybe Sam.Ash and Sam face many obstacles in the Deadite Temple, but after much trouble, they go to Reinhard's Den, where he is about to sacrifice Sally. Reinhard says how impressed he is with Ash. However, he apologizes for having to go a long way to die. Reinhard uses the Necronomicon to become a troll-like Deadite. Ash and Sam kill Reinhard and Sam closes the gate. In a very romantic scene, Ash says he went a long way and overcame the great chances of apologizing to Sally for the fashion advice he gave Sunny Meadows. Just as he is inclined to kiss Sally, a spirit has him. Ash, overwhelmed by rage, shoots at the possessed Sally. However, by the time it does, the portal reopens and sucks in Ash and Sam, as well as the Necronomicon that may be sending them back in time, presumably to their own alternative version of Army of Darkness, the game ends.

System Requirements :
  • Core-i7 or an equivalent 4+ core processor.
  • Windows 7/8.1.
  • VIDEO CARD: GeForce GTX 460 or an equivalent 1GB VRAM card.
  • VIDEO RAM: 1.0 GB.



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