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Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Midtown Madness 1 [80MB]High-Compressed Pc Game

Midtown Madness 1 High Compressed Pc Game

There are 4 single player modes available in Midtown Mad: Blitz, Circuit, Checkpoint, and Cruise. In Blitz, the player should swing through 3 check posts and drive up to the finish line within a time limit. Circuit mode is similar to the race tracks in most parts of the city and puts the player against other cars. Checkpoint modes combine the features of Blitz and the player runs the race against other cars in the circuit - but adds the complexity of other traffic, such as police cars and pedestrians. In cruise mode, the player can simply locate the city at its speed Except for cruise, all these modes are divided into missions; Completing one unlocks the next. Environmental conditions that cross all the modes include weather, daytime and pedestrian density, traffic and police vehicles. The head-up display includes information about the race as well as a detailed map, but this display can be turned off. Unlocking vehicles are required to meet the goals, such as keeping in the top three of any two races. If the player has previously won a certain race mission, then he can change the duration of the race and the weather when starting again. Checkpoint mode allows players to determine the frequency of traffic, police cars and pedestrians.


  • 800 MHz Pentium III or better. 
  • RAM: 2GB.
  • GPU: 32 MB DirectX9 compatible video card.
  • DX: DirectX 9.
  • Windows 98/ME/2000/XP.
  • Storeage required: 100MB.
  • ODD: CD required.



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