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Sunday, 10 March 2019

Dead Island Riptide High Compressed Pc Game [500MB] | high compress

Dead Island Riptide High Compressed Pc Game

Dead Island offers a seemingly open and open world, divided into relatively large areas, and played in the first person. Most of the game is based on missions and battles. Dead Island is an action-based role-playing game based on experience. The player wins XP by completing tasks and killing enemies. During the improvement, the player gains health and endurance and can invest a skill point in a skill tree and improve one of his abilities.
The combat is done by physical attacks or by melee weapons and firearms. The melee weapons are underlined to the point that firearms are not available for the first half of the game and consist of blunt and sharp weapons. Melee weapons can also be fired at targets at any point in the game. Weapons are generated randomly and placed in predetermined locations, as well as certain enemies. They have unique statistics that are generally based on the player's current level. Each weapon can be updated three times to increase statistics, and most weapons can be "modified", customized according to a detailed plan to add features that require repairs and careful use. There is also a resistance bar, which means that after a certain number of physical actions, such as running, jumping or swinging a weapon, the character must stop to regain resistance. When fighting with a high-level zombie, the player will often lack resistance and possibly be killed. The game features "special class" zombies, which are more powerful than classic zombies. Players must use flashlights in dark areas and during the night, which adds suspense.
The night after a big party, the four main characters, rapper Sam B, the hotel's receptionist, and Chinese government spy Xian Mei, former football star Logan Carter, and former police officer Purna, are awakened by a voice in the emergency interphone system ordering them to evacuate the hotel. Solved briefly by one of the infected, they are rescued by lifeguard John Sinamoi. The four survivors discover that they are apparently immune to the infection and, with "The Voice" out of touch, they are tasked with trying to find provisions and get in touch with the outside world. As it is obvious that the station lacks sufficient supplies to survive long, Sinamoi takes them to the city of Moresby to seek help. The survivors attack Jin, the bitten mechanic's daughter who modifies an armored car they use to leave the station. A promotion always with Xian Mei, one of the four playable characters, about to attack a group of zombies. The rest shows this in the third person, while the game is played in the first person. Upon their arrival in Moresby, after demolishing a new special infection known as Ram, the survivors help maintain a church with barricades. Headed first to the wealthiest areas of the city, they finally attack a supermarket under the control of the "Raskol" gangs, then rescue Jin after he tries to supply another Raskol faction to the abandoned police station, infuriating Sam. B on their return to the complex, the survivors contact "La Voz"; he identifies himself as Colonel Ryder White, commander of the Banoi Island Defense Force (BIDF), currently imprisoned in a high-security prison on an isolated island, accessible only through the jungle. He states that thanks to the immunity of the characters, he can create a treatment/vaccine and, in turn, save his wife bitten. White leads the survivors to the jungles of Banoi to find a smuggler named Mowen who can reach the jail. In the walls of the wall, the survivors of the prison bring them to a laboratory that studies the plague. The researchers determined that the zombie infection is a Kuru mutation from the indigenous population. At his request, the survivors take a sample of cloth on a mummy to better examine the Kuru form before the mutation and rescue an indigenous woman, Yerema, about to be sacrificed by her tribe. Mowen finally agrees to take the survivors to jail. Once the survivors have finished the preparations that he and Jin ask for, they quickly return to the lab when La Voz reports that something is wrong. They discover that the zombies studied by scientists have been inadvertently released, with only Yerema still alive. After rescuing Yerema and recovering what appears to be a prototype vaccine, the survivors head for the island's prison. The survivors first helped the surviving prisoners arm themselves to reach White, but when White eventually contacted them, he urged them to abandon the prisoners and join him. The detention of the prisoners finally falls and Mowen dies by helping Jin and Yerema to escape the zombies. However, when the survivors are about to reach White, they are hit with a blind gas inside their elevator. Awakened by tech-savvy prisoner Kevin, they discover that White has stolen the vaccine and are warned that he intends to run away with his wife and call for a nuclear attack to purge the island. Heliport on the roof, the survivors are in the hands of White at the end of the rifle. Jin, disgusted by White's plan, releases White's now zombified wife from her restraints and bites White on the wrist. White kills his zombie and Jin wife, then injects the vaccine, only to speed up and amplify his own mutation. The survivors kill White and finally escape Banoi with his helicopter while Kevin suggests that things will never be the same again.

similar game Left 4 Dead.

System Requirements 

  • CPU Core 2 Duo 2.66 GHz.
  • RAM: 1 GB or Higher. 
  • Minimum Windows XP.
  • VIDEO CARD: ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT 512MB VRAM 
  • DISK SPACE Required : 7 GB

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