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Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Pro Evolution Soccer 6 High Compress PC Game |

pro evolution soccer 6 High Compress PC Game

Pro Evolution Soccer 2007, which is even faster than last year's game. One of the most remarkable improvements is the animation of the player, the varnish being added to the already amazing movement. The way they interact with each other and with the ball is more tangible, and collisions and falls better reflect the physical nature of the game. In terms of playing game, Konami has made few adjustments that make it without a doubt a tighter Pro Evolution. Football again. Now, it is easier to run the ball, the players keeping them close to their feet. However, defending players are much more effective in relieving themselves of the ball and they are certainly favored in face-to-face situations. As a result, you need to adapt your game to make quick and short passes that specifically target the desired player. You must absolutely face the receiver when you pass, as indirect passes often end in the short term or off target. Konami has also created an even bigger chasm between the star players of the world and all the others. Players like Henry and Adriano are fatal to cut the buttocks through a defense or hit almost everyone in the wing. Teams like Inter and Brazil are unstoppable if you can combine a possession game with the use of radar at the bottom of the screen. Choosing players with a sneaky ball is the most effective way to reach the goal. Previously reliable tactics, such as running along the finish line and throwing the ball into the box, now meet the defenders ready to clear the ball. Goaltenders are now much better able to deflect powerful punches on the line, rather than toppling them in front of goal. And for advanced players among you, there are about eight new moves including tricks, feints, and turns. That does not mean that the game is perfect. In last year's match, the referees were extremely satisfied with the cards and made the pace of the game difficult, but this year's match was too far for the other team. Blatant mistakes often go unpunished, and teammates are now eager to enter when they are not under their control. This never resulted in a penalty during the tests, but we were sometimes punished by a yellow card for a foul committed on our behalf. Calculate your shots well and the attackers are now much more worried about volleyball shots if they are at the end of a specific center, but as in real life, only the best attackers can mix the style and precision in a good manner. And while it has always been difficult to score free throws, it now seems almost impossible unless you use the best free throw shooter in the world. The most surprising is the difference between the PlayStation 2 version and its Xbox 360 console. While the "new generation" version runs at a slow pace, the game on PS2 is incredibly fast and the game more fluid. The differences also extend out of the field, with the PS2 version that allows you to modify in depth the information on players and teams in order to update the lists throughout the season. Many people like to record their target repeats on a memory card. Although this was omitted in the 360 version, he happily stayed on PS2. Among the other modes of play, the memorial group keeps track of wins, defeats and average goals between friends, while the international challenge brings together three European and American cups composed of six to 32 teams. Finally, Konami's online service allows you to play with up to eight players on the Internet, exceeding Xbox Live support for just two players. However, the PS2 version does not have the Teatro Blanco and Antlion Colosseum stages of the Xbox 360 game, although it has more stages in general. As always, a single-player play is the long-term challenge of the Masters League. This mode adds basic management requirements and financial considerations when controlling a team throughout their career.While Pro Evolution Soccer 2007 offers official teams and kits for Argentina, Holland, Italy, Spain, and Sweden, the game is still far from offering official training for each team. Although most of the players' names are now correct, the only two Premiership teams authorized in England are Arsenal and Manchester United. Significantly, Chelsea has now been renamed "North London" after being an official team in previous matches. Although you can edit as much data as you want, it continues to tarnish the Pro Evolution Soccer series with few signs of improvement. In fact, the presentation is generally mediocre, with bland menu systems accompanied by incredibly harsh elevator music. Peter Brackley and Sir Trevor Brooking have commented, but it has hardly changed compared to Pro Evolution Soccer 5. The game is not as strong as that of FIFA in this area.

Full version features of the software

  • Intel Pentium III 800MHz or equivalent processor 
  • RAM: 256 MB.
  • NVIDIA GeForce 3.
  • DX: DirectX 9.0c.
  • Windows 2000/XP.
  • 1.5GB free hard disk space.
  • Sound: DirectX 8.1 compatible sound card.
  • ODD: DVD-ROM Drive.



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