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Friday, 1 March 2019

The Incredible Hulk 2008 HIGH COMPRESS

The Incredible Hulk 2008 HIGH COMPRESS

Bruce Banner was a scientist who was a fugitive. Gamma was affected by radiation supplements and became an animal within it - Incredible Hulk. In a South American city, Bruce's chase is run by soldiers under the leadership of Emil Blonsky, who was sent by General Thunderbolt Ross. Inside a factory, the banner turns into a helm, defeats the soldiers, and runs away from the country. After arriving in New York City, Hulk saves Rick Jones's life, a teenager who was captured by soldiers working for an organization named Enclave. It is the brain of four scientists, each of which has its own private army, and uses Manhattan as a huge test site. Hulk protects him from Minerva area soldiers who were using a mind control tool on it. Soon after, Hulk saved Rick Jones from Ensev's Ceres and Jupiter Sectors, and both became friends. After this, banner Dr. Samuels starts working with Stern, who was in touch with him in South America. Banner Simon goes to talk to Utrecht, a mercenary, whose research is similar to his own and is planning to test radiation on himself and three other participants. Hulk fights with the incoming army to arrest him, but then is faced with U-Fox, a supernatural group called Ironclad, a telecentric in the form of a vector, a human cloud called vapor, and inside- Outside, it is called radioactive, which is being called X-ray. Hulk manages to beat them, though U-Fox retaliates. Under the direction of Stern, Hulk retrieves special nanites for Stern to use in his research.

Major Glenn Talbot then forces the army to shoot down Hulk to ignore civilian casualties. Hulk faced an army attack under his direction, then destroyed his computer targeting system and beat Blonsky again. Hulk again prevents the Minerva sector of the enclave from extracting energy from the city, and then foils the attack with chemical weapons from the Cerace sector. After an attack on a military base during which Talbot's army fires the press and Hulk, Talbots hides. After attacking on another base, Hulk realizes that Talbot has caught Rick. Hulk saves Rick and Talbot leaves on the run.After avoiding the Talbot soldiers, Rick tells Bruce that the enclave is manufacturing a mass control device and that data is needed to create a counter-notification. By working together, Hulk and Rick manage to destroy the device. Angry, the leaders of the enclave have incited the robot monster B-Beast against Hulk. Hulk confounded B-Beist in the war and destroyed it, which the leader of Jupiter had to do after the failures of Ceres and Minerva. Hulk then used a parabola for the Jupiter region earthquake generator, the Vulcan laser turret and an orbital laser gun. Stern then communicates with Bruce so that he can try to repair it, if he can get three objects to make a gamma charger, in order to increase his gamma level for the treatment. Hulk successfully recovers the three elements.

After that, the banner is the head of the university, where her old data is only for Betty Ross, so her father can get the data before being deleted. When General Ross's soldiers caught Betty, Bruce turned to Hulk and attacked the army's deployment points. Hulk finished with a third fight with Blonsky, who received a treatment that improves his physical abilities. Hulk manages to defeat him and closes with Betty.The girl then tells Bruce that her father will attack an enclave base, which clearly undermines his power. At his request, Hulk brought down the base before the arrival of the army. Next, Hulk prevents the enclave's soldiers from stealing the Hulkbuster technique from the army made by Stark Industries, leaving the armor pilots thinking that if General Ross had misunderstood it. Later, Hulk then helps the Hulkbusters to destroy the Enclave's F-POD weapon. After the failure of the Vulcan leader, the leaders of the enclave concluded that they either had to kill Hulk themselves, or that the army should be allowed to do it for them.

System Requirements 

  • 2 GHz Dual Core.
  • RAM: 2 GB.
  • Windows XP or better. 
  • VIDEO CARD: NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT.
  • SOUND CARD: Yes.



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