Risk of Rain HIGH Compressed Pc Game | high compress | HCG

Risk of Rain HIGH Compressed Pc Game | high compress

Risk of Rain HIGH Compressed Pc Game

At the beginning of the game, each player chooses one of the twelve characters. Initially, only one character is available, Command, but as the player fulfills several objectives of the game, more characters are available. Each character has several statistics and a set of unique movements; For example, the sniper has the ability to hit powerful creatures to inflict great damage, but his firing speed is slow, while the command can inflict rapid and moderate damage at close range. the levels, except the last, the objective is to locate a teleporter, located in a random location. When players search for it, they will encounter monsters. When dying, the monsters will deposit money in game and also provide the experience of the players. As players gain experience, they will increase their level, gain more health and strengthen their attacks. The money can be used to open several chests, buy items in stores, activate attack drones to facilitate combat or pray in sanctuaries that have a random chance of dropping objects, described by the tradition of the game as being the cargo of the space freighter .

There are more than 110 elements in the game, which offer benefits such as passive bonuses that improve offensive or defensive skills, or a special bonus that can be used with a cooldown. Players can only have one at a time, including several versions of the same element, which stack up the benefits of these elements. The location of these objects is determined randomly by a fairly realistic generation of procedures. Once the players have found the teleporter, they activate it, starting a countdown of 90 seconds on the Drizzle and Rainstorm difficulty and a countdown of 120 seconds on Monsoon must survive. Meanwhile, many more monsters will appear, including at least one main character. Once the countdown is over, no new monsters will appear, but players will have to defeat all remaining monsters before they can use the teleporter and advance to the next level. At this point, all the remaining money of the players is converted into experience points. In the penultimate level, players have the opportunity to take the teleporter to the last level or use it to overcome much greater difficulties than the previous levels to get more experience and objects. when this last option is chosen, the teleporter at these levels will allow the same option to pass to the final level or continue through additional levels. In the last level, the player must fight against a last boss. The difficulty of the game is determined by a stopwatch. The level of difficulty increases every 5 minutes in 10 levels. The newly emerged monsters have more health and stronger attacks. In addition, the main characters may appear even before the players have encountered more difficult teleporters. If you play alone, the game ends when the player dies. In multiplayer mode, a player who dies must wait for the other players to survive to the next level, where they are returned to the game. The eliminated elements are based on the different progresses that the player has made in the meta-game until the trials. . For example, defeating some boss characters for the first time will unlock an item that can then be eliminated in future games. Other elements are based on achieving certain objectives, such as winning the game several times or achieving specific objectives with each of the characters. In Rainfall or Monsoon mode, monsters rarely miss log monsters. This is used to unlock more objects and a playable character.

System Requirements 
  • CPU SPEED: 2.5 GHz.
  • RAM: 1 GB Minimum. 
  • Windows XP / Vista / 7.
  • VIDEO CARD: Direct X9.0c Compatible Card.
  • DISK SPACE Required : 130 MB



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