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Road Rash High Compressed pc Game | High-Compress

Road Rash High Compressed Pc Game 

 The main game consists of speed races on what appear to be semi-abandoned roads in the western United States. There are only five different cards, but each increases in length as the game progresses. However, the landscape varies only slightly. There is the grassy forest scene, the beach scene, the mountain scene and two other scenes of the forest. However, you will not exactly see the landscape when driving at breakneck speed. One of the interesting aspects of Road Rash is that you have a health bar for your body and your bike. This means that you can not just deal with things, it also means that you should avoid fighting with police, other cyclists and cars. This adds a definite level of balance to the player against the opponents of the AI, which makes it a challenge and a pleasure to nest and attract traffic. Cars are a big threat, as hitting them, even a bit, will throw you in the air like a rag. Although you might lose the race, seeing it is a sight to contemplate, and it can cause a crazy laugh or cry every time. There is not much history, aside from "make sure the police do not understand it". It's because it's a racing game, which is perfectly correct. The gameplay holds up pretty well without a story that says that running is great. If they could make a good story, it would be great, but at this point the game is good. It is difficult to buy all the bicycles without history, but it is a goal to aspire to. On some before the propaganda of the race, the interaction with other characters is not really there. Usually, they give you a suggestion or a word of encouragement before each race. The main problem of the game seems to be the difficulty curve. After the first level, it seems that everything wants to kill you. Cyclists and police probably do, but normal pedestrians in their yellow cars should not be! This also causes some problems, because when two cars block the road at the same time after a blind turn, you have nowhere to go. Go as usual, crush the cars. Get off the road, hit a sign. This can easily ruin your win, but at least you can see the fun animations of being thrown into the air and running on your bike. The graphics of the game are very attractive to them. Cars in the distance are easily identifiable, so do not crush them immediately. Each new bike changes the color of your bike and the bike itself, while increasing the speed and health of your bike. A major flaw with the graphics is the camera. If there was a way to put it in a different light, it would greatly improve the way you play the game.

The visual elements are always attractive in general, except that there is a little too much brown. The controls are correct, mainly because of the ease of use. Go with one button, reduce the speed with the other, attack with the third. Turning with the d-pad is a good thing, and getting out of corners requires you to counter the lean to straighten as quickly as possible. Using the up and down directions changes the type of attack. By pressing the kicks, the opponents move away, pressing gives you a powerful shot. This facilitates learning and play, but it's hard to master the hard times.
Finally, we have music. Oh the music. A mix of hard rock and super rockabilly makes the races exciting and stays in your head. The pleasure of melodies is great, and walking on the main road is also very fun. Everyone has a catchy sense of the day for them. However, the absence of the engine is a negative aspect of the sound, but we could say that it is also for the better. Nobody wants to hear the sound of an annoying mid-motor engine about music, but if it was silent under the music, it could add a lot to the atmosphere of the game. However, not everything is great. Part of the AI on the computer is a little silly, or even slow to the point that it becomes very easy to pass. The cops also seem to be very difficult to hunt. Defending against them means having to defeat them or install them in another car. Cars are another problem because they occupy almost the entire road, which is why it is difficult to draw them if they arrive at the same time. Some things could be improved. A little more variety in the width of the road would be a welcome addition as well as in the landscape.

System Requirements 

  • Pentium III or Athlon equivalent.
  • CPU SPEED: 1 GHz or more. 
  • RAM: Minimum 256 MB.
  • Windows 2000/XP and Above. 
  • 64 MB DirectX 8.1 compatible video card. 
  • 3D: Yes.
  • SOUND CARD: Yes.



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