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Resident Evil 3 High Compresed Pc Game

Resident Evil 3 High compressed PC Game

The player takes control of another character during a short part of the game. To advance, the player explores a city while avoiding, defeating and defeating its enemies. The player can interact with the environment in many ways, for example by opening doors, pushing objects or climbing obstacles. Weapons, ammunition and other items scattered throughout the city can be recovered and placed in the player's inventory. The articles can be examined, used or combined with others. The inventory is limited to a number of locations and the player must often move inventory items to a storage box in special rooms to manage the spaces.The player can use a variety of weapons to defeat his enemies, from pistols to rocket launchers. In addition to the enemies, it is also possible to shoot certain parts of the environment, such as barrels of explosives, which can explode and damage nearby enemies. The game also presents the ability for players to dodge their attacks or make a quick 180-degree turn to evade their enemies. The player has a certain amount of health that decreases in case of enemy attack. Health is restored with first aid sprays, as well as with herbs, which can be used separately or mixed to increase its healing effect. The game also has a system of creation of ammunition that allows players to create new ammunition from different varieties of gunpowder. In addition to fighting, the player often has to solve puzzles that focus on logical and conceptual challenges.

In certain situations, the player will be placed in a dangerous situation, where they will be asked to choose between two possible actions or suffer a penalty or even an instant death. These choices affect the way in which the story unfolds and the end that is achieved. In addition, a creature called Nemesis is found several times in the game as a recurring boss. Nemesis is considerably more powerful than the player and can use a rocket launcher as a weapon, dodge the shots and chase the player from one place to another. During any of these encounters, the player can choose to fight with Nemesis or run until it is avoided. A variety of matches are possible, some are mandatory and others of different nature and location depending on certain choices made by the player. Even if he is avoided or defeated in one of these meetings, Nemesis will inevitably continue to chase the player until the end of the game.At the end of main story mode, a mini-game titled "The Mercenaries: Mad Jackal Operation" is unlocked. In Mad Jackal, the player must be able to control one of the three members of the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service that Jill finds during the main game and runs from one side of the city to the other at a time and with limited resources. However, the indicated start time limit is not sufficient to perform this task directly and the player must continually receive extensions of time when performing certain actions, such as defeating enemies, saving civilians and exploring hidden areas. At the end of the main game, the alternative costumes for Jill and the epilogue files that detail the activities of the different characters after the events of the game are also unlocked. Microsoft Windows and Dream cast versions of the game.

 System Requirements 

  • Pentium III/Athlon or better.
  • CPU SPEED: 1 GHz.
  • RAM: Minimum 256 MB.
  • Windows 98/ME/2000/XP.
  • VIDEO CARD: 32 MB 3D video card.
  • DVD-ROM: Required. 



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